FAQ : Gestion de mon compte

In addition to satisfactory pricing, our customer relationship is based primarily on listening, identifying your need and being efficient in meeting that need. We mainly focus on 3 elements:

  • the development of your savings thanks to a fully committed team;
  • the provision of cutting-edge and innovative technology guaranteeing the required performance and reliability;
  • support because FGI SA offers all the advantages of a business on a human scale, such as accessibility, responsiveness and flexibility. We remain attentive to your needs and in line with your vision in order to enable you to achieve your investment objectives in perfect consultation.

To invest in the stock market, you must open a securities account. This account allows you to domicile the securities you buy on the Regional Stock Exchange of Securities (BRVM) of the WAEMU. From your securities account you can invest your money in several products: Shares, Bonds, or Mutual Funds.

Any natural or legal person, major or minor, can open a securities account. The opening of the securities account is free of charge to FGI.

Opening a securities account is simple and free of charge at FGI. You just need to provide the documents below:

For individuals: 

  • A copy of your valid identity document (CNI) or passport;
  • Two passport photos;
  • un justificatif de résidence de moins de trois mois (certificat de résidence ou facture  eau/électricité/téléphone à votre nom).


For legal persons: 

  • instrument of incorporation and articles of association;
  • une copie des statuts ;
  • proof of geographical location;
  • powers of signatories;
  • decisions to appoint signatories;
  • identity documents of agents.

The opening of a securities account is materialized by the signing of a securities account agreement.

Depending on your risk profile and your investment horizon, you can open your securities account by choosing the management mode that suits you.

Free management

This account allows you to make your investments with complete freedom. FGI supports you by providing you with a latest-generation trading platform for the execution of your stock market orders, the holding of your account free of charge, access to its research and analysis services, assistance of its advisers and the provision of periodic statements as well as the consultation of your transactions online.

Management under mandate

FGI personalizes the management of your securities account thanks to a management mandate. In addition to the advantages of a securities account, you will benefit from the expertise of a professional to make the most suitable investments in order to make your assets grow.

There is no limit to start your investments in the stock market. You yourself define the amount to invest according to your savings possibilities or your available resources. However, it is advisable to invest the resources that you will not need in the short term to take full advantage of the returns offered by the market.

If needed, you can withdraw some or all of your money. If you have the securities in your account, all you have to do is give an order to sell the securities you hold in the portfolio. After the execution of the order, the proceeds of the sale may be withdrawn by any means (check, bank transfer, money transfer).

On the BRVM market, the liquidity of your investments (cash withdrawals) is ensured by the listing of the securities. To withdraw part or all of your investment, simply give an order to sell the securities you hold to FGI and the proceeds of your sale are available 3 days after the execution of the sell order. The corresponding amount is placed in the liquidity balance on your account and you can withdraw it by check or by a bank transfer.

FGI provides you with an online platform to follow the evolution of your portfolio. It allows you to have in real time 24 hours a day:

  • – the appearance of the wallet
  • – valuation of the portfolio
  • l’historique de vos mouvements
  • les ordres transigés

Upon presentation of the documents attesting to the death, FGI checks the quality of the heirs with the Notary or the principal, supported by the documents issued by the competent courts, determines the value of the securities portfolio and transfers everything to the designated accounts. by the beneficiaries or the notary in charge of the succession.

Orders sent to FGI are executed according to the regulations in force on the BRVM market, which stipulate that payments are made on D + 3 working days. So if you buy stocks today, the stocks will be available in your portfolio in 3 days. Likewise, the proceeds from the sale of your securities will be received within 3 days.

All you need to do is send a securities transfer order to your bank or your SGI which must carry out the transfer in connection with FGI and the DC / BR. Please notify us for a better follow-up.

FAQs : General

The primary role of financial markets, the one which motivated their appearance and which remains one of the most important, is to facilitate the transfer of liquidity from economic agents with the capacity to invest to those who have financing needs. This allocation of liquidity is specific to financial markets because it allows the development of the economy to be financed.

The Stock Exchange is a place of exchange, where financial securities are bought and sold. It allows the transfer of liquidity between economic agents through the purchase and sale of securities. It is a component of the financial market.

A share is a property right representing the capital of the issuing company and giving the right to dividends from the latter. It also makes it possible to express an opinion (voting rights) on the management of the company during general meetings of shareholders. The share is issued upon creation of the company and, subsequently, on the occasion of capital increases.

A bond is a debt security and gives rise to interest (or coupon) payments. It is a negotiable instrument that materializes a part of a loan from the issuing entity.

An FCP is an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS). It allows the investments of several investors to be pooled. The fund defines its investment policy and strategy. Each fund has characteristics such as a risk profile or a level of return that will serve to guide the investor. The investor is also called a “unitholder” and holds a share of the Common fund in proportion to the amounts he has invested.

This is the value of a financial security at any given time. It is determined according to the supply and demand of the security. Other factors can influence this price, making it difficult to anti

Market capitalization represents the valuation at market price of a listed company. It is obtained by multiplying the number of shares of the company by the market price. It is used as a determinant of the size of the company.

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