The FCP * Epargne Sérénité is a bond fund distributed by FGI. It allows you to invest your savings or cash in a prudent, profitable and secure manner while guaranteeing permanent availability. Its original net asset value is 10,000 FCFA, it is calculated from day to day.

* Mutual Fund


The objective is to have a cash investment vehicle offering optimal liquidity. At least 90% of the fund is invested in fixed income products: bonds and money market.
Its return target is 6% per year.

Subscription and redemption conditions

All natural or legal persons residing or not in WAEMU.
– Fill in the subscription form.
– Subscription or redemption received at D are executed on the basis of the next NAV (D + 1)
The redemption period is 3 working days


The FCP Epargne Sérénité regularly exceeds its return target. It achieved more than 28% cumulative net return in 4 years, or 7% per year on average.

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020
Performance of FCP Epargne Sérénité 5.72% 7.60% +7.62% 7.29%


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