Company Savings Plan (PEE)


The PEE is a savings plan set up by a company for the benefit of its agents, in the form of a supplementary retirement insurance contract, giving the right to significant tax exemptions.


The PEE is funded by voluntary contributions from employees and contributions paid by the company at the end of the year.
The PEE allows company employees to build up additional income with a view to additional savings for retirement, or to finance an important project (acquisition of real estate, children’s education, etc.).
This savings is made profitable throughout the duration of the PEE by judicious investments on the financial market.


A real incentive and employee loyalty system, it enriches your company’s dialogue and social policy.


ny business regularly or legaly created.


  • Establishment of a PEE regulation.
  • Voluntary employee contributions materialized by membership forms;
  • Contributions from the company.


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